This months featured images are of  CORNWALL AND THE ISLES OF SCILLY. Cornwall is renowned for its natural beauty and light and has inspired many a great artist.

Are you looking for that perfect image as a reminder of a special place, time or occasion?

Please feel free to browse these images from in and around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly from our talented artists!

Nick Jenkins - www.lens2print.co.uk/albumview.asp?albumID=697

Kelvin Rumsby - www.lens2print.co.uk/albumview.asp?albumID=15

Terri Waters - www.lens2print.co.uk/artistview.asp?artistID=2341

Kris Ohlsson - www.lens2print.co.uk/albumview.asp?albumID=2201

Mary Fletcher - www.lens2print.co.uk/albumview.asp?albumID=8

"Quality Art, Great Value, Done Ethically"





Ethical Art

At Lens2Print we describe ourselves as being "ethical", so here is an explanation of why we feel justified in using the word.  Let's start with the definition from the Cambridge English Dictionary:

"ethic" definition: 1. a system of accepted beliefs that control behaviour, especially such a system based on morals"

Many of our artists have been offering their work online for many years with varying levels of success and of course, financial reward. The founders of Lens2Print are no exception. The way proceeds of sales were, and indeed are distributed on other sites was one of the major factors in setting up Lens2Print.

By way of an example, let us take a popular canvas size 20"x 20" and compare 3 sites; a UK based, a US based and Lens2Print

Selling Site                      Retail Price                     Artist Share

 UK based                               £106.93.                             £23.14

 US based                                £84.98                                  £7.72

  Lens2Print                           £81.36                                 £38.54

We hope you notice the difference - our artists certainly do. Not only do we offer products that we are very proud of, we do so at a lower price than the other sites (better value for the customer) and at the same time provide our artists with a fair return. How fair? We allow them to make that decision themselves, they are free to set whatever value they wish on our site, for each and every product.

We do however, insist our artists make at least a minimum percentage on every sale, the other sites quoted do not - it is quite possible to make as little as $1 for that sale in the US.

Lens2Print don't think it is ethical for a site to offer the artist one quarter of the sales revenue (or worse). We believe our customers are prepared to pay  for a quality product but at the same time get real value for money and not pay more than they have to. We believe that any business has an ethical duty to look after the welfare of its suppliers - our artists

So that's us - Lens2Print, The Home of Ethical Art

"Quality Art, Great Value, done Ethically"



All items are usually despatched in 3-5 working days

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About Lens2Print

Lens2Print is a partnership of three photographers who, over the years have felt a growing need to offer a fairer platform to promote photography as an art, than currently exists. 

By supporting this site you will be supporting the photographers and their art,   everyone gets a fair deal.

We aim to offer our customers a personal and friendly service and to ensure that your buying experience is a pleasant one and one where you will want to return time and again.

Please take your time to to enjoy the numerous and varied styles of art and photography from our group of very talented artists.

If you see an aritst and/or photo you like,  you can click on the star next to the artist/photo and this will add them to your favourite list, you can come back time and again to see what's new with your favourite artist or browse more photos before making your choice.