Lynn Bolt | The Orwell Wigan Pier

The Orwell Wigan Pier

The Orwell pub on the Liverpool Leeds Canal at Wigan Pier
Lynn Bolt | Silhouette at the Water Mirror Bordeaux

Silhouette at the Water Mirror Bordeaux

The Water Mirror or The Miroir d'eau in Bordeaux is the world's largest reflecting pool. It is located on the quay of the Garonne in front of the Place de la Bourse, (Stock Exchange). The reflections are particularly impressive at night with the lights from the buildings reflected. In this image the silhouette of a man stands out.
Lynn Bolt | River Douro Portugal at Night

River Douro Portugal at Night

Barca d'Alva Illuminated bridge. This is the border between Portugal and Spain on the River Douro. A river cruise ship can be seen under one of the arches. This is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Famous for the making of Port and many vineyards can be seen on this river. Amazing reflections. Hand held image
Lynn Bolt | Mute Swan

Mute Swan

A mute swan captured in the sky with an added flood effect
Lynn Bolt | Sutton Harbour Marina Plymouth

Sutton Harbour Marina Plymouth

Plymouths dazzling waterfront, Sutton Harbour is full of all types of sailing vessels. Taken in the early evening light with stunning reflections and great clouds.
Lynn Bolt | Scotch Mist Lochgoilhead

Scotch Mist Lochgoilhead

Early morning on Loch Goil in the Scottish Highlands. Two yachts moored in the mist. Beautiful reflections
Lynn Bolt | Red Boat Yellow Boat

Red Boat Yellow Boat

A red rowing boat and a yellow motor boat with perfect reflections
Lynn Bolt |  Early Morning Mist Lochgoilhead

Early Morning Mist Lochgoilhead

Yachts moored in the early morning mist on Loch Goil in the Scottish Highlands.
Lynn Bolt | Lochgoilhead 1

Lochgoilhead 1

Evening light on a still night in Lochgoilhead
Lynn Bolt | Lochgoilhead 3

Lochgoilhead 3

Evening reflections on Loch Goil in the Scottish Highlands
Lynn Bolt | Lochgoilhead Refelctions

Lochgoilhead Refelctions

The head of Loch Goil in Argyll Scotland. Beautiful reflections and shades of green on a lovely Spring morning
Lynn Bolt | Autumn Mist on Loch Goil Argyll

Autumn Mist on Loch Goil Argyll

Morning mist on an autumn morning in the village of Lochgoilhead on the banks of Loch Goil in the Highlands of Scotland.
Lynn Bolt | Lochgoilhead Argyll

Lochgoilhead Argyll

The village of Lochgoilhead stands on the banks of the sea loch called Loch Goil which is in Argyll and Bute in Scotland. Lochgoilhead is a stunning village with the reflections of the snowy mountains reflected in the loch. Early morning mist lies over the loch and the village.
Lynn Bolt | Lochgoilhead 2

Lochgoilhead 2

Soft evening light in Lochgoilhead, still and calm with stunning reflections
Lynn Bolt | Lochgoilhead Panorama

Lochgoilhead Panorama

The picturesque Scottish Highland village of Lochgoilhead on the banks of Loch Goil is a popular haven for sailors. Stunning scenery.
Lynn Bolt | St Goustan Sunset

St Goustan Sunset

The port of Saint Goustan is a former fishing port and trading centre situated beside the River Auray. It has become one of the quarters of the commune of Auray in the department of Morbihan in Brittany.
Lynn Bolt | Ripon Racecourse Marina

Ripon Racecourse Marina

The marina is based on the Ripon Canal, which is convenient for short cruise into the City or onto the Ure. A canal walk was created alongside the canal for an easy stroll into the City.
Lynn Bolt | Sunset Exeter Quayside

Sunset Exeter Quayside

A beautiful sunset at the historic Exeter Quayside
Lynn Bolt | Voe Shetland

Voe Shetland

The picturesque village of Voe in Shetland. Stunning day with great reflections
Lynn Bolt | Reflections in the River Clyde

Reflections in the River Clyde

Reflections of building in the River Clyde Glasgow at night. Black and white image with colour pop refelctions.