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Lens2Print is a partnership of three photographers who, over the years have felt a growing need to offer a fairer platform to promote photography than currently exists.

We feel that too many photography sites either accept images that are of low standard, or, equally frustrating, refuse to accept images due to a poor understanding of what can and can not be offered for sale.

Ultimately this frustration reached the point where we decided it was time to create something new - and thus Lens2Print was conceived - a place where everyone gets a fair deal.

From a buyers point of view this means you can expect a site where every image is technically competent. Wonky horizons, blown out highlights, blocked out areas, dubious colour casts etc have no place here. You may not like a particular photographer's style, but every image will be technically sound.

As a photographer you will be joining a site that is free to use. A site where the owners care about quality and fairness above profit and greed. The site knows its own costs and you know how much you would like to see from a sale. At Lens2Print we feel these should be independent so you can set the sales figure you are comfortable with and the site remains viable.

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Typhoon Smoke Signals, Gareth Burge