Peter Hemington | Ferry boat on the Exe

Ferry boat on the Exe

The Topsham Ferry boat moored on the river at high tide at dusk on a winters night.The boat and the moon are reflected in the water of the Exe Estuary.
Peter Hemington | Sunset on the Exe

Sunset on the Exe

The Exe Estuary at Topsham, a picture of the sunset at hightide and rippled refections of the boats moored in the water.
Peter Hemington | The Exe Estuary

The Exe Estuary

A sunny winters morning on the River Exe estuary at high tide. Reflections from the boats lead into the Turf local and hotel with Topsham in the distance on the right
Peter Hemington | Exeter Quay

Exeter Quay

A stylalised image of Exeter Quay and waterfront by the River Exe showing the new developments in this popular area.
Peter Hemington | Exeter canal

Exeter canal

Reflections in the water of Exeter canal, looking towards Exeter Catherdral. Taken on a summers day with fluffy clouds and blue sky
Peter Hemington | Groyne at Dawlish Warren

Groyne at Dawlish Warren

A shot of an old groyne reflected in the wet sand on a winters day at Dawlish Warren. The Spit at the mouth of the Exe has a sandy beach and wildlife reserve.
Peter Hemington | Clouds at Sunset

Clouds at Sunset

Clouds and sunset over Croyde beach in North Devon. A dramatic end to the day with reflections in the sand at low tide.
Peter Hemington | Mist on the Exe Estuary

Mist on the Exe Estuary

A misty winters morning on the Exe Estuary down near the Turf Locks. A boat reflected in the still water.
Peter Hemington | Reflected sea shells

Reflected sea shells

Two sea shells reflection on a shiny surface and lit internallly to show the detailed markings
Peter Hemington | Three carnations

Three carnations

Three carnation blooms arrange on a reflective surface to make a mirror image
Peter Hemington | Rydal Water

Rydal Water

Reflections in the still water of Rydal Water in the English Lake District.
Peter Hemington | Illuminated Sea shells

Illuminated Sea shells

Two sea shells with internal lights on a reflective surface with a black background. This brings out the intricate detail of the shell structure.
Peter Hemington | Dartmoor ponies

Dartmoor ponies

A mare and foal drinking from the water of a small pool near Roos Tor on West Dartmoor. The ponies are reflected in the still water