Christine Fitzgerald | Highway 169

Highway 169

Riding HWs 167 and 169 from Lake Mead to Overton skirting The Valley Of Fire State Park in Nevada is a beautiful experience.. The Colorado River appears every now and then.
Christine Fitzgerald | The Back Country

The Back Country

A classic American car, the Continental Mark IV Landau Sedan (1959) seen in an out of the way shanty town crossing through the Mojave desert, California
Christine Fitzgerald | The Crossing

The Crossing

Motorcycle waiting for a train to pass. Seen in the Mojave desert, California.
Christine Fitzgerald | Flaming ThroughThe Desert

Flaming ThroughThe Desert

An American classic car seen on a desert road in California. I believe this is a 1932 Ford 3 Window model.
Christine Fitzgerald | The Chevvy Bel Air Nomad Station Wagon

The Chevvy Bel Air Nomad Station Wagon

Seen in the Californian desert. A beautifully restored 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Station Wagon.
Christine Fitzgerald | Back In Time - 2 Decades

Back In Time - 2 Decades

Two cars seen in the Californian desert; a 1932 3-window Ford Coup and a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad station wagon
Christine Fitzgerald | Viva Las vegas

Viva Las vegas

The famous 'strip' in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,
Christine Fitzgerald | Africa


A beautiful bronze sculpture with a head that is an African Woman on one side and a lion on the other. The background is the hot, red rocks of Utah, USA
Christine Fitzgerald | Kelso Depot

Kelso Depot

A Railroad Through the Desert Kelso Depot seems like an anomaly in the middle of the Mojave desert, but for the Union Pacific, it became a thriving necessity. Since its inception in 1862, the Union Pacific (UP) wanted a foothold on the West Coast. After reaching Portland, Oregon, the UP turned its attention to the rich California markets and the ports around Los Angeles. To get there, it needed to construct a railroad line across the Mojave Desert. Kelso was crucial to reaching that goal.
Christine Fitzgerald | The Eagles

The Eagles

A bronze artwork of two eagles