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White Orchid Tree flowers closeup isolated on black., Geoff Ghilds


Geoff Ghilds



  Hi there, thank you for visiting our specialised unique Sunsets and Nautical Art galleries.

Photography and Cruising/Sailing are our passions.

We have now completed our ten years live-aboard extended Photographic/Sailing/Cruise of the Australian East Coast and included here, for your enjoyment, are our selected Scenic and Panoramic images captured during this journey.

Our speciality subjects are:-

"Inspirational Sunrise and Sunset Seascapes" and colourful "Beauty in Nature" images.

Here you will be able to view our Photos in all sizes, formats and also see the Products that are available.

It is our genuine hope that through viewing these images you too will experience some of those uplifting feel-good feelings that we did while capturing them.

We are so inspired by the beauty of nature.

 Alas, we are now Landlubbers residing in Gosford, Australia.

- Please Enjoy cheers, Geoff and Judy Childs -

  • Date joined: 21/02/2021