Boats and Yachts

Mary Fletcher | Greek Fishing Boat

Greek Fishing Boat

A typical Greek fishing boat laid up on the beach at Ammothines Bar, near Pylos, Greece.
Mary Fletcher | Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth Working Boats

Living relics from a byegone age, the Falmouth Working Boats make an impressive sight, and there can be few who are not inspired by the beauty of these powerful gaff-rigged cutters under sail. Outwardly, little has changed in nearly 200 years, their existence being a direct result of the local harbour byelaws prohibiting the dredging of oysters by any mechanical means.
Mary Fletcher | Sadness by the Sea

Sadness by the Sea

Along the Penryn River, Cornwall there is a boat graveyard. We call it this because there are numerous old boats decaying on the banks. Occasionally they are removed and set on fire by the local harbour master. Many of them belong to people who are either deceased or who can no longer looks after them.
Mary Fletcher |  Moody Evening

Moody Evening

A silhouette of a fishing boat on it's mooring, taken in Greece as the sun began to set after another hot day.
Mary Fletcher | Marlin


Marlin is a commercial fishing vessel lying against the outer wall in the tiny harbour of Pylos, Messina, Greece. She is looking a little worse for wear as the rust takes over...but even she looks beautiful in the evening light.
Mary Fletcher | Balmoral


Balmoral cruise ship moored alongside Falmouth Docks.
Mary Fletcher | Florence


Florence, number 31, is a Falmouth Working Boat. Here she is racing during Falmouth Classics, in the Carrick Roads, Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Port Pendennis Marina

Port Pendennis Marina

Port Pendennis Marina is a privately owned marina next to the docks in Falmouth, Cornwall. It has berths for all sorts of motorboats and yachts, from the small ribs to some of the most famous super yachts in the World.
Mary Fletcher | Ranger and Valsheda

Ranger and Valsheda

Ranger and Valsheda, two of the world famous J Class yachts battle it out during the Pendennis Cup in Falmouth Bay. These yachts were originally designed to race in the Americas Cup.
Mary Fletcher | Mariquita


Mariquita sailing downwind during the Falmouth Classics 2012. This beautiful classic 19-Metre gaff cutter designed by William Fife III and built in 1911. Sepia and grain effect added.
Mary Fletcher | Gaff Rigged Yawl

Gaff Rigged Yawl

This beautiful classic yacht is often seen sailing the waters around Falmouth, Cornwall. Here she is sailing home during Falmouth Classics Weekend.
Mary Fletcher | Mariquita


Mariquita, meaning ladybird in Spanish, is probably the last 19-Metre in existence. Here this beautiful classic yacht is racing in Falmouth Bay.
Mary Fletcher | Abandoned on the Beach

Abandoned on the Beach

One of the many abandoned and broken old wooden fishing boats along the beaches in Crete.
Mary Fletcher | Tallship Morgenster

Tallship Morgenster

Morgenster is a 48m traditionally rigged as a brig, with square sails on her two masts. Morgenster (Morning Star) has taken part in many International Tall Ships Races and is proven as a fast sailor. This sail training vessel is well known in Holland, where she is based, and is making a name for herself further afield as an adventure charter vessel.
Mary Fletcher | Atyla


Tall ship Atyla is a two-masted wooden schooner handmade in Spain between 1980 and 1984. She was designed by Esteban Vicente Jimenez to look like the Spanish vessels from the 1800s and built with the intention of circumnavigating the earth following the Magellan–Elcano route and then become a training ship.
Mary Fletcher | Eda Frandsen

Eda Frandsen

Eda Frandsen was built in Denmark in 1938, starting life fishing for lobsters. She was rebuilt and refitted as a charter vessel between 1991-96 to combine her natural seaworthiness and reliability with romance and tradition. Beautifully kept and maintained, the level of craftsmanship and detail is first class, with original features and unique detail.
Mary Fletcher | Barnabas


Barnabas, a dipping lugger, is the only survivor from St Ives of the thousand-strong fleet of lug rigged seine and drift net fishing boats registered at Cornish ports at the end of the 19th century. Barnabas was first registered on 28th October 1881 as a Class 2 pilchard boat, with the number 634 SS. Later, she was re-registered as a Class 1 mackerel driver and her number switched to SS 634. The number is said to have been chosen as it corresponded to the hymn “Will Your Anchor Hold” in the Methodist hymn book used at the time.
Mary Fletcher | Pelican of London

Pelican of London

Pelican of London is a sail training ship based in the United Kingdom. Built in 1948 as Pelican she served as an Arctic trawler and then coastal trading vessel named Kadett until 1995. In 2007 the ship was completed after many years of being re-built as a sail-training ship.
Mary Fletcher | Dar Mlodziezy & Mercedes

Dar Mlodziezy & Mercedes

Two tall ships sailing in Falmouth Harbour, Dar Mlodziezy has been owned by the Gdynia Maritime Academy since she was built in 1982. Her name means “the gift of youth” . The inauguration of sailing ship Mercedes was in May 2005 and she is one of the youngest ships in the international fleet of tall ships.
Mary Fletcher | MS De Jordaan

MS De Jordaan

MS De Jordaan is one of the many Amsterdam party boats that cruise through Amsterdam harbour and canals.
Mary Fletcher | RNLI Sea Rescue

RNLI Sea Rescue

The RNLI lifeguards of Polzeath set out through the surf to inititate a rescue. These brave lads put their own live at risk to save others.
Mary Fletcher | Rescue!


The Polzeath RNLI lifeguards on a rescue putting the small RIB through the surf. These guys put their lives at risk saving others.
Mary Fletcher | Captain Bruno and his Boat

Captain Bruno and his Boat

Captain Bruno is a local character in Mombassa, East Africa. He sails his boat along the coast and will even take you for a sail, if you ask him nicely!
Mary Fletcher | LT 472 Excelsior

LT 472 Excelsior

Excelsior is an authentically restored fishing smack of the Lowestoft fishing fleet . She was built by John Chambers of Lowestoft in 1921 and worked until 1936 before being converted into a motor coaster.
Mary Fletcher | Mirror in the Mist

Mirror in the Mist

A colourful Mirror dinghy appears out of the mist during racing at Restronguet, Mylor. These small dinghies are ideal for children to learn to sail in.
Mary Fletcher | Golden Globe

Golden Globe

The Golden Globe was set up by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston to celebrate the round the World sailing by Sir Francis Chicester in Sualia and him in Gypsy Moth. Pictured in the centre of this scene is Sualia. They have no navigational aids at all apart from a compass and sextant.
Mary Fletcher | Gypsy Moth IV

Gypsy Moth IV

Gypsy Moth IV preparing to race across the channel from Falmouth to France as part of the Golden Globe celebrations 2018.
Mary Fletcher | Gypsy Moth IV

Gypsy Moth IV

Gypsy Moth IV passes St Anthony Head lighthouse as she prepares to sail across the English Channel from Falmouth to France taking part in the Golden Globe celebrations.
Mary Fletcher | Grace


Grace is one of many in the fleet of Falmouth Working Boats, here she is racing during Falmouth Week.
Mary Fletcher | Adela


Adela with her spinnaker, big red, in Falmouth Bay. The 182ft twin masted schooner Adela was modified and restored by Pendennis Shipyard, Falmouth and launched in 1995, but she dates back to 1903. Originally constructed by John Goodman Fay & Co, Adela was redesigned, engineered and beautifully restored by Dykstra Naval Architects.
Mary Fletcher | Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil

This lovely houseboat is named after the famous Tom Bombadil a character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow! Bright Blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow! Seen on a Northampton canal and converted into a digital painting.
Mary Fletcher | Superyacht Bow

Superyacht Bow

A superyacht moored alongside Port Pendennis Marina in the sunshine. The water pouring from the anchor is the anchor wash. Port Pendennis Marina regularly has these magnicifent superyachts alongside, many of which have been through some refit work in the neigbouring docks.
Mary Fletcher | The Three Classics .jpg

The Three Classics .jpg

Adela, Marietta and Eve racing in Falmouth Bay
Mary Fletcher | Victory


The Falmouth working boat Victory sailing back into St Mawes after racing in the Carrick Roads, Falmouth. This is a digital painting of one of my own photographs.
Mary Fletcher | Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth working boats racing in the Caarricl Roads. Falmouth, Cornwall. These beautiful boats are easily recognised by their colourful topsails, which are unique in colour to each vessel. A sketch created from my original photograph.
Mary Fletcher | Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth working boats racing in the Caarricl Roads. Falmouth, Cornwall. These beautiful boats are easily recognised by their colourful topsails, which are unique in colour to each vessel.
Mary Fletcher | Boat of Primulas

Boat of Primulas

A small dinghy no longer used for its original purpose now sits in a gravel pit and is filled with brightly coloured primulas. A painterly effect has been added.
Mary Fletcher | Mariette


MARIETTE was built in 1915, and designed by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff for J Frederick Brown of Boston, a successful wool merchant, who raced and cruised her along the North and South Shores of Boston from 1916 to 1927. Renamed Cleopatra’s Barge under Francis K Crowninshield’s ownership, she was requisitioned by the American Navy during the war and declined thereafter. Restored at Cantiere Navale Beconcini in1995, she is owned by Thomas Perkins, of San Francisco, who re-rigged her as original.
Mary Fletcher | Banana on the Beach

Banana on the Beach

A small simulated clinker pram dinghy sits on the beach at St Ives waiting for the tide to come in.
Mary Fletcher | Red and Blue Prow

Red and Blue Prow

An old wooden boat in the last stages of decay, it caught my eye on a cold morning in Penryn, a strange beauty amidst decay
Mary Fletcher | Small Ark

Small Ark

I came across this beautiful little boat in a field in near St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall. It reminds me of Noahs ark but much smaller.
Mary Fletcher | Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth working boats racing in Falmouth Harbour. Here number 23 leads number 7. Falmouth working boats are built in Falmouth and were designed to fish the oyster beds in the Carrick Roads.
Mary Fletcher | Red Boat Reflection

Red Boat Reflection

This small clinker built dinghy caught my attention as it bobbed gently in the water in Mevagissey Harbour.
Mary Fletcher | Up Yours

Up Yours

Up Yours is an aptly named small fishing boat which lives on the pebble beach at Porthoustock, Cornwall. In the background you can see the working quarry, where aggregates are still quarried.
Mary Fletcher | Lunasea


A small fishing boat called Lunasea sits on the pebble beach at Porthoustock on the Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | Blue Boat

Blue Boat

A small blue fishing boat ashore on the beach at Porthallow. The beach is made up of pebbles, this keeps the water clearer and is ideal for divers.
Mary Fletcher | Colourful Fishing Boats

Colourful Fishing Boats

A digital painting of one of my own images of the colourful fishing boats moored in Coverack Harbour, in Cornwall.
Mary Fletcher | East Fleet Fishing Boat

East Fleet Fishing Boat

A digital painting of a traditional Fleet fishing boat as it sits quietly tethered to its pole in East Fleet, Dorset
Mary Fletcher | Eve of St Mawes

Eve of St Mawes

Eve of St Mawes Eve owes her heritage to the pilot cutters of the Isles of Scilly. Rugged and versatile craft built to withstand the rigours of the Western Approaches in comfort and safety; these little ships were fast, weatherly and immensely strong. Built in 1997 by Luke Powell of Working Sail, many people mistake Eve for an old boat; such is the sense of history within her solid new timbers. Constructed entirely traditionally from the best materials available, Eve was built to last.
Mary Fletcher | Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 (also referred to as the QM2) is a transatlantic ocean liner. She is the largest passenger ship built for the Cunard Line since Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1969, the vessel she succeeded as flagship of the line. As of 2018, Queen Mary 2 is the only passenger ship operating as an ocean liner.
Mary Fletcher | X Yacht MinX

X Yacht MinX

Minx sailing in the somewhat “strange” Falmouth Week 2020.