Kris Ohlsson | Over The Tamar

Over The Tamar

Looking out from the Cornish side of the River Tamar across to Devonport in Plymouth. A long exposure to smooth the water out and then given a watercolour effect to enhance the colour from the setting sun
Kris Ohlsson | All At Sea

All At Sea

A Monochrome image from the bow of a small vessel, travelling over the mouth of the River Tamar crossing from Plymouth to Cornwall. The same route into open seas that the famous Mayflower ship used when it set sail in search of North America
Kris Ohlsson | The Barbican Prawn

The Barbican Prawn

A very well known sculpture located at the Barbican in Plymouth. It is a very complex 'mash-up' of many types of sea creature, none of which are a prawn! The official title of The Leviathan however is generally lost to the household name of The Barbican Prawn!
Kris Ohlsson | Barbican Docks

Barbican Docks

A shot over the Barbicans Docks in Plymouth, A Herring Gull flies past while a young chick watches on from below
Kris Ohlsson | The Waterfront in Plymouth

The Waterfront in Plymouth

Taken from the edge of Hoe Park looking down onto the Waterfront in Plymouth with the classically Victorian Houses lined along grand parade. On the other side of the Tamar you can see the edges of Mount Edgcumbe estate in Cornwall