Jackie  Simmons | Mighty Kjenndal Glacier

Mighty Kjenndal Glacier

A closer image of the mighty Kjenndal Glacier , a mass of ice and snow creeping over the mountain top. It is located in spectacular scenery not far from the beautiful Nordic village of Olden in Norway.
Jackie  Simmons | Nordfjord


Cruising the Nordfjord, in fact any fjord, is spectacular. The turquoise colour of the water is due to the glacial water that flows into it. It shores are dotted with colourful traditional Nordic houses.
Jackie  Simmons | Njordfjordland


There are beautiful hamlets dotted along the shores of the stunning Nordfjord. They are colourful wooden houses set in spectacular but often very remote locations.
Jackie  Simmons | Glacial fingers

Glacial fingers

The beautiful and awe inspiring Kjenndal Glacier not far from the picturesque Nordic village of Olden in Norway
Jackie  Simmons | Fingers of  ice

Fingers of ice

The beautiful and amazing Kjenndal Glacier. The creeping fingers of ice reaching out over the rocks are amazing to see. Situated not far from the picturesque village of Olden in Norway