Sunrises and Sunsets

Mike Carroll | Misty Dawn near Eyam

Misty Dawn near Eyam

A view from Eyam towards Baslow in the Peak District, a short while before sunrise
Mike Carroll | Harpa sunset reflections

Harpa sunset reflections

A spectacular sunset is reflected in the windows of the Harpa concert in Reykjavik, Iceland
Mike Carroll | Northumbrian Sunset

Northumbrian Sunset

Mature trees are silhouetted against a lovely orange sky near Longframlington, Northumbria
Mike Carroll | Misty Peak District sunrise

Misty Peak District sunrise

A view to the East from Eyam, just before sunrise on a September morning
Mike Carroll | Sunset over the Cheviot Hills

Sunset over the Cheviot Hills

A hazy sunset in Northumbria, looking north to the Cheviot Hills from the Alnwick to Rothbury road. The haze has created some lovely pastel colours
Mike Carroll | Lulworth Sunset (landscape)

Lulworth Sunset (landscape)

A boat anchored in Lulworth Cove is silhouetted against the sunset
Mike Carroll | Skeletal trees at sunset

Skeletal trees at sunset

Three bare trees stand out against the dusk sky and are reflected in a New Forest pond
Mike Carroll | Sunrise on the Charles Bridge, Prague

Sunrise on the Charles Bridge, Prague

The sun rises behind the statues on the North-East side of the Charles Bridge in Prague. The Church of Our Lady by Tyn is in the background
Mike Carroll | Lake at Sunset Panorama

Lake at Sunset Panorama

Panoramic shot of a summer lakeside sunset
Mike Carroll | Lake at Sunset Black and White

Lake at Sunset Black and White

Black and White image of a lakeside sunset on a hot midsummer evening, with storm clouds gathering
Mike Carroll | Lone Duck at Sunset

Lone Duck at Sunset

A duck floats serenely on a lake as the sinking sun turns the water to gold
Mike Carroll | Oak tree silhouette

Oak tree silhouette

An Oak tree pictured at sunset with the new moon overhead
Mike Carroll | Reykjavik harbour sunset

Reykjavik harbour sunset

Spectacular colours as the sun sets over the old harbour in Reykjavik, Iceland