Chris Langley | Big Sky Sunset in Lincolnshire Wolds

Big Sky Sunset in Lincolnshire Wolds

The high rolling country in the north east of Lincolnshire and its under-populated farmland is a peaceful area of outstanding natural beauty and belies the county's reputation as a low, flat land. Lincolnshire's big skies offer up some truly spectacular sunsets, added to by aircraft contrails.
Chris Langley | Across The Salish Sea at Dusk

Across The Salish Sea at Dusk

Scene from Vancouver looking west southwest across the Salish Sea dividing Vancouver Island from the mainland of British Columbia. Galiano and Valdes islands can be slightly discerned in the cloudy sunset, some 35 kilometres distant, with the expanse of Vancouver Island imaginable beyond that.
Chris Langley | Sunset along the fenceline

Sunset along the fenceline

An evening walk across the fields in rural Oxfordshire brought me to this
Chris Langley | Sunset at Cannon Beach

Sunset at Cannon Beach

Photographed on a very quiet beach in Oregon one September evening. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Crisp, clean and the gentle lapping sounds of waves
Chris Langley | Midnight Sun at Forty Thousand Feet

Midnight Sun at Forty Thousand Feet

The midnight sun as seen from 40,000 feet above the Canadian Arctic, the sun's corona arc visible and the darkness of space beginning to appear around it
Chris Langley | Sunset from the dunes

Sunset from the dunes

The are some substantial dunes in parts of Cannon Beach, Oregon which provide a gorgeous view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean