9 Farming Scenes

Richard Laidler | A Laziness of Bovines

A Laziness of Bovines

Four young calves enjoy a snooze in warm spring sunshine
Richard Laidler | Lamb Stumps

Lamb Stumps

Two very new lambs posing on tree stumps in early morning spring sunshine
Richard Laidler | Gathering In

Gathering In

A flock of Swaledale sheep being brought down off the moors, or 'Gathered In', at Newbiggin, Upper Teesdale.
Richard Laidler | Autumn Cultivating and Drilling

Autumn Cultivating and Drilling

A John Deere tractor with an Amazone seed drill and Streamline D front press cultivating and sowing in autumn
Richard Laidler | A Curiousness of Swaledales

A Curiousness of Swaledales

An inquisitive group of Swaledale sheep facing the camera in winter sunshine.
Richard Laidler | Harvesting on the Hillside

Harvesting on the Hillside

A John Deere Hillmaster combine at work on a winter barley crop and demonstrating the reason for its name.
Richard Laidler | Yellow Rape and Pink Campion

Yellow Rape and Pink Campion

An oilseed rape field margin planted with flowering Red Campion (Silene dioica) under the Countryside Stewardship scheme to provide a habitant for pollinating insects and bees
Richard Laidler | Vintage Haymaking

Vintage Haymaking

A vintage Ford 3000 tractor and hayrake in a field of freshly turned hay ready for baling.
Richard Laidler | Spring Barley Harvest

Spring Barley Harvest

Dust and chaff fly out of the back of this John Deere combine harvester as it unloads spring barley into a trailer
Richard Laidler | Field Poppies and Oilseed Rape

Field Poppies and Oilseed Rape

Vivid red poppies amongst a maturing oil seed rape crop in bright sunshine
Richard Laidler | Rape Tramline

Rape Tramline

A single tramline divides this low level shot taken through a field of flowering oilseed rape
Richard Laidler | Harvesting the Oilseed Rape

Harvesting the Oilseed Rape

A John Deere Hillmaster combine harvester at work on a crop of Oilseed Rape under a darkening sky which threatens rain later.
Richard Laidler | The Last Furrows

The Last Furrows

A New Holland tractor and plough starts on the last set of furrows at the edge of a field in autumn sunshine.
Richard Laidler | Sowing the Potato Crop

Sowing the Potato Crop

A John Deere tractor and Standen potato planter at work in hazy spring sunshine
Richard Laidler | Ovine Top Table

Ovine Top Table

A group of sheep at a feed hopper with one standing on top of it in late autumn sunshine
Richard Laidler | Autumn Ploughing

Autumn Ploughing

A tractor and plough at work in early autumn sunshine with a flock of seagulls scavenging the newly turned soil
Richard Laidler | Path to the Horizon

Path to the Horizon

A public footpath through a crop of young wheat leads to the horizon under a deep blue spring sky
Richard Laidler | A Spectrum of Swaledales

A Spectrum of Swaledales

Closeup of part of a tightly packed flock of Saledale sheep showing a range of different coloured ear tags and paint markings.
Richard Laidler | Cultivating and Sowing - The Cycle Repeats

Cultivating and Sowing - The Cycle Repeats

After the harvest, a John Deere tractor fitted with a Vaderstad seed drill sows oilseed rape for next season
Richard Laidler | Preparing for the Seed Potatoes

Preparing for the Seed Potatoes

Soil de-stoning and seed bed preparation in hazy spring sunshine. De-stoning is carried out to prevent a seed potato growing next to a stone and becoming mis-shapen.
Richard Laidler | Depth of Field

Depth of Field

A very low level closeup shot of a crop of ripe wheat at harvest time
Richard Laidler | Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut

There's a clue in the title! A chestnut mare looks over a wall next to a flowering horse chestnut tree. Taken on a farm near Middleton in Teesdale in late spring.
Richard Laidler | Fetching Them Down

Fetching Them Down

A flock of Swaledale sheep being brought down, or 'gathered in' off the moor at Ettersgill, Teesdale.
Richard Laidler | Braveheart and Molly

Braveheart and Molly

Two friendly English Riding Ponies come up to the pasture fence to say hello.
Richard Laidler | Oilseed Rape Harvest 2019

Oilseed Rape Harvest 2019

Dust and chaff fly out of the back of this John Deere 'Hillmaster' combine harvester working on a crop of oilseed rape.
Richard Laidler | What - You Again

What - You Again

A group of Swaledale sheep pause from their fresh hay feeding to check out the photographer, who has been known to take the odd snap in Ettersgill, Upper Teesdale. Taken on a bright winter day with a snowy background.
Richard Laidler | Winter Feeding at Coldberry

Winter Feeding at Coldberry

A flock of sheep tucking in to a hay feed at a wintry Coldberry in the Hudes Hope valley high in the North Pennines AONB. Taken from the hillside below the now disused Coldberry lead mine, and looking across to Lodge Sike where the remains of another lead mine can be seen.
Richard Laidler | Swaledales in a Wintry Hudes Hope Valley, Teesdale

Swaledales in a Wintry Hudes Hope Valley, Teesdale

A group of Swaledale sheep waiting to be fed in a wintry Hudes Hope valley, high in the North Pennines AONB near Middleton in Teesdale
Richard Laidler | Spring Cultivating

Spring Cultivating

After a particularly wet autumn of 2019 left the ground waterlogged, many arable farms moved to spring crop planting the following year. Here a field is being cultivated after autumn ploughing, with a flock of seagulls scavenging in the newly turned soil.
Richard Laidler | A 5-Baa Gate

A 5-Baa Gate

Five inqusititive Texel Cross sheep looking through the gate, expecting to be fed no doubt.
Richard Laidler | Tup Aware Party

Tup Aware Party

A flock of Swaledale Tups gathered in readiness for the autumn sales.
Richard Laidler | Spring Chickens

Spring Chickens

Daffochicks and chickodaffs
Richard Laidler | Dramatic Light and Oilseed Rape

Dramatic Light and Oilseed Rape

Tamlines through flowering rape leading to a battered ash tree in dramatic light and a sinister looking sky.
Richard Laidler | The Apprentice

The Apprentice

When I grow up, I'm going to be a sheepdog
Richard Laidler | Freshly Raked Hay

Freshly Raked Hay

Windrows of freshly raked hay awaiting baling in strong late spring sunshine under a deep blue cirrus sky
Richard Laidler | Ewe Plus Two

Ewe Plus Two

Mum stands guard while the twins take a break on the road trip. A typcial scene in the North Pennines in early summer where sheep and lambs can often be found on the unfenced roads in the high moors. Taken in Harwood, Upper Teesdale, high the the North Pennines AONB.
Richard Laidler | Bovine Big Sky

Bovine Big Sky

Two cows enjoying basking in a hay meadow in warm summer sunshine while a big sky building in the background threatens a storm is on the way.
Richard Laidler | Bovine Curiosity

Bovine Curiosity

Four inquisitive young calves walk up to the field gate to check out the photographer. West Farm, Middleton-in-Teesdale.
Richard Laidler | Cirrus Explosion

Cirrus Explosion

A huge sky on a blustery day. Taken looking over Hardberry Hill, Upper Teesdale, within the North Pennines AONB.