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Pete Hemington | Exeter Canal at twlight

Exeter Canal at twlight

Exeter canal with the city lights and rising mist and trees reflected in the icy water.
Pete Hemington | Barricane Beach

Barricane Beach

Sunset over the rocky Barricane Beach in North Devon very near Woolacombe. The setting sunlight, sharp rocky shapes reflected in rock pools with gulls swirling in silhouette against the red sky. Small points of reflected light show in the still water. This a winter shot taken in February at low tide.
Pete Hemington | Abbotsbury and Portland Bill

Abbotsbury and Portland Bill

St Catherines Chapel near Abbotsbury in Dorset with part of Chesil beach and Portland Bill in the distance, in evening light.
Pete Hemington | Half a tree on Raddon Top

Half a tree on Raddon Top

A wind damaged tree on a Devon Hill taken at Sunset. The hill known as RaddonTop is near Thorverton. A sunset sky looking South West over Mid Devon
Pete Hemington |  Raddon Top in Devon

Raddon Top in Devon

A hill top sunset with silhouetted trees, from Raddon Hill in Mid Devon.The foreground tree has an interesting shape after incurring some storm damage. Taken in January. Raddon is near Thorverton in Mid Devon UK
Pete Hemington | Seascape near Hartland

Seascape near Hartland

A view from Smoothlands towards the Cow and Calf rocks and Upright cliff, between Hartland Quay and Hartland Point on the NW Devon coast. Taken on a bright and hazy day in March. Showing the layered rocks and erosion typical of the area. The beach is not easily accessible and has no name on the OS map.
Pete Hemington | Blackchurch Rock in North Devon

Blackchurch Rock in North Devon

This remarkable rock with 2 windows lies on the North coast of Devon near Clovelly. Taken here in at sunrise in July as a silhouette.
Pete Hemington | Dusk at Hartland

Dusk at Hartland

A late evening long exposure on the beach at Hartland Quay in North Devon on the Atlantic coast. Taken in march just after sunset.
Pete Hemington | Starehole Bay near Salcombe

Starehole Bay near Salcombe

A fine summers day from Bolt Head looking into Starehole Bay towards Sharp Tor and Salcombe Estuary. Lots of pleasure craft out enjoying the warm weather.
Pete Hemington | Starehole Bay near Salcombe

Starehole Bay near Salcombe

A summery view of Starehole Bay and Bolt Head from Sharp Tor near Salcombe in South Hams. Pleasure craft making a circular wake, with azure coloured sea in the bay and a thin line of cloud on the hozion.