08 Military Vehicles.

Robert  Gipson | Stars and Stripes.

Stars and Stripes.

The flag of the United States of America on show amongst some vintage military vehicles.
Robert  Gipson |   All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) 'Supacat'

All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) 'Supacat'

'Supacat' is a versatile, lightweight load-carrying vehicle used by airborne and air-mobile battalions of the British Army. Amphibious, with a very low ground pressure, the ATMP's six wheels allow it to cross rough terrain and water obstacles. It can be fitted out with a variety of different load pallets and guns. This version has added Depth of Field to enhance the vehicle.
Robert  Gipson | British Army Truck

British Army Truck

A large British army truck (troop carrier) When I find more details of this vehicle I shall amend.
Robert  Gipson | Truck name Hells Bells

Truck name Hells Bells

It is the custom to name army trucks. This one is called HELLS BELLS
Robert  Gipson | The Big Truck

The Big Truck

A large American forces army truck.
Robert  Gipson | Motorcycle sidecar.

Motorcycle sidecar.

A German WWII army mortorcycle with attached side car and machine gun.
Robert  Gipson | Little charlie M4 tractor

Little charlie M4 tractor

This is a M4 high speed artillery tractor. A military vehicle which saw service between 1943 right up to 1960. Stripped of service equipment after the war they saw service with logging companies, power line installations, road construction and many other rugged requirements. It has a 210HP engine with a top speed of 35 MPH. A crew of one plus 11 on board. Weight of 14.2 tons.