David Hollingworth | Overnight Stay

Overnight Stay

Moored overnight stay in Bridlington's North Bay this Yatch's Crew will wake up to a disappointing Sunrise
David Hollingworth | Day has Broken

Day has Broken

Early August and the early riser will be met with this tranquil vista across the North Bay looking South and the North Sea, the pastal colours of the remaining night clouds merge into the blue sky with thredish effect cast be the rising Sun to make this seascape.
David Hollingworth | Cllock Tower

Cllock Tower

The Italian Gardens were laid out by Harry W. Smith in part of the former Belvedere Gardens which had belonged to George Lord Beeforth until 1912. The shelter at the north end of the Italian Gardens bears the date 1914. Pictured here is the Clock Tower at the Main Entrance the keen observer may well recognise this building which featured in many episodes ot 'The Royal' as the TV Hospital was only accross the Road
David Hollingworth | Scarborough on a Winter Day

Scarborough on a Winter Day

From an advantage point on Scarborough South Cliff the visitor can, in winter, when the tide is out in the South Bay feast their eyes on the world passing by if there is the added bonus of sunshine the sand and sea comes alive with the refections from the sea front
David Hollingworth | Cayton Bay

Cayton Bay

Overlooking Cayton Bay looking towards Scarborogh and it's landmark the Castle on the East Coast of Yorkshire wich overlooks The North Sea. Caytpn Bay has grown with the Establishment of a large Holiday Caravan Park, on of the activities on the Beach is a thriving Surf School, this Northern section of the Bay is far more tranquil and set in an idylic vista
David Hollingworth | Heavenly Rays

Heavenly Rays

On the horizon Bridlington is covered in a sea fret the Sun breakes through some threatening clouds scattering it's rays across the sky some reaching the sea.
David Hollingworth | Filey Brigg

Filey Brigg

Misty end to a glorious day the fret is beginin to roll into the East Yorkshire Coast soon to shroud Filey Bridgg and Scarborough Castle, looking from below Bempton Cliffs northwards; with the cooling air flowing of the North Sea a blue tone fills the Vista
David Hollingworth | Scarborough Town

Scarborough Town

Overlooking the Holiday Resort from Oliver's Mount on a Summer Morning in July, Scarborough is Yorkshire's premier Holiday Resort attracting visitors from all over the Country.
David Hollingworth | Sewerby Cliff Tops

Sewerby Cliff Tops

Sewerby Cliffs Tops follows the North Bay at Bridlington, this photograph was taken from the lowet point of the Cliffs looking up the Land Train Roadways towards the Village of Sewerby, which is a popular walk with locals and holiday makers.
David Hollingworth | North Bay Bridlington

North Bay Bridlington

Bridlington's North Bay stretching round the southern coastline of Flamborough Headland which stretches into the North Sea by some Seven Miles, in times past it was a haven for smugglerswho used Danes Dyke to Land their Goods
David Hollingworth | Sun Rays over Bridlington Bay

Sun Rays over Bridlington Bay

On the horizon Bridlington is covered in a sea fret the Sun breakes through some threatening clouds scattering it's rays across the sky some reaching the sea.
David Hollingworth | Three Brothers

Three Brothers

The restored Three Brothers Sailing Coble prepares to pass through the mouth of Bridlington Harbour, this coble is the only sailing operating from Bridlington.
David Hollingworth | Racing Round The Bay

Racing Round The Bay

Must be an open Competition as a mixture of sailing vessels take part in an RYC Bridlington race around the Bay, Two fantastic contrasts Racing Yacht Lazy Jack on a outward circuit and a Sailiing Coble Gansey Lass heads towards the Harbour
David Hollingworth | Going Fishing

Going Fishing

A sign of the times not many Deep Sea Fishing Boats tied up these days in Bridlington Harbour, the Port has become one of the leading shell fish ports exporting to many parts of Europe, so smaller boats can carry out this operation and also mainly during the Summer Season they also ply for Day Fishing Trips, however that adds to a more colourful quayside. - Onward Star leaving Port
David Hollingworth | Flamborough Lighthouse

Flamborough Lighthouse

Winter's sunshines on the icon lighthouse at the edge of the headland warning all seafayers of the surrounding dangers, even on this November Afternoon
David Hollingworth | Safely Reached Port

Safely Reached Port

Fishing Vessel Onward Star entering her home Port of Bridlington after a successfull Fishing Trip in the North Sea off the coast of East Yorkshire just as night begins to fall.
David Hollingworth | Battered


Easterly Storm batters the North Pier, Bridlington on the East Yorkshire Coast , so dangerous are the conditions that the Harbour is closed to shipping.
David Hollingworth | North Landing Flamborough

North Landing Flamborough

Lovely summer's day on the East Yorkshire Coast at The North Landing Flamborough which used to be a thriving Fishing Coble Landing a few years ago but only two now work from there.
David Hollingworth | Clouds Over Bridlington

Clouds Over Bridlington

Unuasal Clouds form over Bridlington and Flamborough Head, just before Sunset. A weather photograph developing before your eyes. This image is not suitable for Canvas wraps as the Town would be lost in the Wrap
David Hollingworth | South Bay At Dusk

South Bay At Dusk

Golden hour over the South Beach and bay,which bathes the Harbour and Town
David Hollingworth | High Tide

High Tide

The North Sea at High Tide Poumds the sea wall defences along the North Promenade and the Northern Side of the Harbour on this Cold Winters day at Bridlington
David Hollingworth | Days End

Days End

As the setting Sun Breaks through the Clouds and settles over the Windfarm at Fraisborough combines with an incoming Sea fret to creat an atmospheric end to the Day
David Hollingworth | Heritage Way - Flamborough Head

Heritage Way - Flamborough Head

The Heritage way meanders its way along the Coast path approx seven miles sewards to the Flamborough Head which is a Nature as well as a Heritage site, people are drawn to this area not only to see the Iconic Lighthouse with it's booming Fog Horn, but to view a diverse wild life regular parties of Bird Watches can be seen at all times of the year. The Headland is guarded by steep Limestone Cliffs to both the North & South elevations, it is therefore a first choice for the Coastguards to train the Cliff Rescue Teams, off shore is very populare with divers seeking the many shipwrecks. Looking from the cliff's edge in a north easterly direction the Lightouse is eaily visable to the left and the 'Clock' Tower which is adjecent to Flamborough's Golf Course. Overlooking Selwicks Bay towards Stuutle Bank Nook
David Hollingworth | Winter's Day

Winter's Day

Almost December At Selnwicks Bay on Flamborough Headlandthe low Winter Sun cathes the incomingwaves and cliffs. Not a Human in sight a delight to the eyes, just as nature intended.
David Hollingworth | Flamborough Headland

Flamborough Headland

Flamborough Headland taken from the Bridlington end of Sewerby Cliffs. The Headland protudes some seven miles into the North Sea from the Mainland
David Hollingworth | Overlooking Bridlington From Sewerby

Overlooking Bridlington From Sewerby

Late afternoon winters afternoon walk from Sewerby towards Bridlington, one could not fail to notice the emergence of a typical East Coast Sunset over Bridlington.
David Hollingworth | Flamborough Headland

Flamborough Headland

Flamborough Headland is one of the most spectacular areas of chalk cliffs in Britain, standing 400 feet high. The chalk was laid down millions of years ago when the last dinosaurs were roaming the earth. * Panoramic images are NOT suitable for :- Coasters Mouse mats
David Hollingworth | Moody 326

Moody 326

Moored inthe Harbour's Marina is a Moody 326 basking inthe Winter's Sun on a cloudless day with the Yacht's reflections dancing in the water *** Portrait / Landscape images are NOT suitable for coasters.
David Hollingworth | Fraisthorpe Beach

Fraisthorpe Beach

Fraisthorpe is a flat, sandy beach in the East Riding area of Yorkshire. It forms part of Bridlington Bay, a sandy stretch of coastline that stretches on for many miles southwards, down to the Humber Estuary Fraisthorpe like many on the East Coast has suffered from Coastal Erosion the 'Rocks' shown are actually the remains of The Pill Boxs erected in the Second World War as part of the Coastal Defences and where position several Meters Inland. * Panoramic images are NOT suitable for :- Coasters Mouse mats
David Hollingworth | Harbour Scene

Harbour Scene

Winter's Sushine Converts even the Coldest Day into a magical scene, Bridlington's Harbours pleasure site comes to life with the dazzling reflections 0f the yatchs. The Quayside building finish the scene off it could well be in the
David Hollingworth | Been Fishing

Been Fishing

One Man and his Boat, just returned to Bridlington Harbour from a Fishing Trip, I suspect he has been catching Lobsters, from his Boat SH 36 Kestrel.
David Hollingworth | Easterleys


Looking towards the Flamborough Headland the waves come crashing into Bridlngton's North Bay to a dazzling effect in tis Weather Photograph
David Hollingworth | Bridlington Harbour Sunset

Bridlington Harbour Sunset

The Pleasure Craft and the Fishing Private Hire craft are all moored after a day plying their trade at this popular working Harbour as the setting sun catches the boats and the sky reflection fills the harbour basin
David Hollingworth | Quiet Contemplation

Quiet Contemplation

Overlooking Danes Dyke on the Flamborough Headland from Sewerby Cliff Tops is a place to be at peace with yourself.
David Hollingworth | Sewerby Danes Dyke and Flamborough

Sewerby Danes Dyke and Flamborough

Stretchiing round Bridlington's North Bay oone Can See Sewerby, Danes Dyke and Flamborough's Southe Landing all on Flamborough Headland.
David Hollingworth | Dusk over Bridlington

Dusk over Bridlington

A Lone Scooter trundles up from Bridlington with dusk illuminating the skys above hime a striking red and the golden hour weaves her magic on the vista
David Hollingworth | Returning to Port

Returning to Port

Force Four returns to Bridlington Harbour after a fishing trip, here she is making her way to her moorings, on this ideal day in June to venture out to sea.
David Hollingworth | The Spa

The Spa

East Coast Premier's Entertainment Center, Art Gallery, Restruant, Theatre and a multipurpose Hall, which has been used for Pop Concerts, Business Seminars etc. plus severall Break Out Areas.
David Hollingworth | Whitby Bridge Street

Whitby Bridge Street

The crowds gather at both sides of the River Esk as the bridge is opened to allow a boat to pass, tis was taken on the second day of Whitby's Goth Festival, glad to see Bridge Street has been closed to traffic this year
David Hollingworth | Lobster Catcher

Lobster Catcher

Fishing Vessel BM65 Elsie B returns to Bridlington Harbour after we hope she had a successful fishing trip catching Lobsters, Bridlington Harbour is a leading Shell Fish port exporing the Fishermen's catch to Euroup and behond
David Hollingworth | Aye, Aye Me Beauties

Aye, Aye Me Beauties

Waiting to Sail The Pirate Boat plying for trade in this colourful setting of Bridington Harbour
David Hollingworth | Gansey Lass

Gansey Lass

Sailing Coble Gansey Lass returning to Bridlington Harbour afer a trip round Flamborough Headland, sure I hear some say there were Mackeril just what the Chief Ordered
David Hollingworth | Sewerby Cricket Pavilion

Sewerby Cricket Pavilion

A cricket club that was founded in 1890 is celebrating its 131 year anniversary this year. Sewerby Cricket ground is situated on Sewerby cliff top in front of the Georgian grandeur of Sewerby Hall and boasts a panoramic view. It has also regularly been named as one of the most picturesque cricket grounds in the country. The Club is proud of its pavilion incorporating excellent changing facilities for players and officials. The tea room is renowned for its high standards of refreshments, the electronic score board and a fantastic view that is difficult to surpass.
David Hollingworth | Bridlington From Sewerby Hall

Bridlington From Sewerby Hall

The view from the sea gate entrance to Sewerby Hall overlooking The Town of Bridlington, across the North Bay, Harbour and the Beach on the South Bay, the Wind Farm at Fraisthorpe dwarfs the Town.
David Hollingworth | Fraisthorpe


Man made boulders tossed on to the beach, second world war bunkers are a casaulties of coasta erosion
David Hollingworth | Ben Aire of Whiby

Ben Aire of Whiby

Bon Aire a visiting Yacht from Whitby, North Yorkshire has sailed south to moor in Bridlington's North Bay who could not have chosen a better time to visit with tranquil sea and stunning blue sky.
David Hollingworth | En Guard

En Guard

This Cannon rests on the North Pier of Bridlinton Harbour on the East Coast of Yorkshire. The Cannon was excavted from the North Pier and was subsequently restored for the Silver Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabetg 11 on the 7th June 1977
David Hollingworth | A Winter's Day

A Winter's Day

Overlooking Scarbbough's Noth Bay from the North Cliff taking in the Seafront, Harbour and Castle on this Febuary Afternoon with a storm brewing out to sea.
David Hollingworth | Onward Star

Onward Star

Scarborough Registered Fishing Vessel Onward Star SH165 makes it's way into Bridlington Harbour to a backdrop of Fraisthorpe's Wind Farm
David Hollingworth | ARK DANIA


The Ark Dania is RoRo Cargo Ferry built in 2014, operating between Esbjerg and Immingham, she sails under the Danish Flag and is owned be DFS, and is seen here entering The Humber
David Hollingworth | Thornwick Bay

Thornwick Bay

Thornwick Bay on the Flamborough Headland is well known for it's smugglers caves and paths, very easy to imagine with this rugged coastline, from the Bay and inlet the chalk cliffs rise to form the Bempton Seabird Reserve, Filey can be just seen on the horizon through the sea mist
David Hollingworth | Cliff Top Cottages

Cliff Top Cottages

A local landmark that can be seen from miles around sit on the top of the Cliffs on the southern side of Thornwick Bay, typical of seaside cottages they areall pained white, the vistas from there advantage points are awesome.
David Hollingworth | A Working Harbour

A Working Harbour

Clair Maddison returns to Bridlington Harbour with her catch, Bridlington Harbour is one of the largest ports for shellfish exporting all over Europe as well as trading with this country. The Pier to the left is where the fishing vessells offload their catch, while the Harbourside has been developed for the tourist trade with a host of little shops and cafes