Crete - Greece

Kris Ohlsson | Coloured Handmade Ceramics

Coloured Handmade Ceramics

Handcrafted traditional Ceramics found in a small herbal tea shop in the mountains of southern Crete. The colours were incredible and it was a fascinating place to visit and have some tea while you gazed across the surrounding vistas below
Kris Ohlsson | From the Chapel to the Mountain

From the Chapel to the Mountain

A perspective shot from inside the grounds of a small chapel in a mountain village called Spilli in Southern Crete. A wonderful and traditional set of buildings sat in the shadow of a small mountain, it is quite a spiritual place that has a very welcoming feel for all visitors
Kris Ohlsson | The Coastguard's Boat

The Coastguard's Boat

Sat in the harbour waiting. The coastguard's boat is extremely fast and nimble making it an ideal vessel to cover the large area's of open water as well as pursuing other boats if required. Taken at Agia Galini harbour in Crete, Greece
Kris Ohlsson | A View from the Gorge

A View from the Gorge

Looking back down towards the Mediterranean Sea from the Kourtaliotiko Gorge, This is a truly awe inspiring area of southern crete with many view points from which to take in the natural beauty of the island
Kris Ohlsson | Kokkinos Pyrgos

Kokkinos Pyrgos

A Photo taken from atop the sea defenses of Kokkinos Pyrgos harbour wall, Looking back along the bay there is a lovely mix of colours.
Kris Ohlsson | A Treacherous Drive

A Treacherous Drive

Travelling through the Kourtaliotiko Gorge can be a dangerous task with very loose rocks set high up into the crumbling facade of the mountains, The Gorge gets its name from the greek word Kourtala (the sound of clapping) that can be heard as wind rushes through the caves and breaks the sound barrier.
Kris Ohlsson | Souda and Plakias

Souda and Plakias

A Photo taken from a small outcrop between the beaches of Souda and Plakias in southern Crete, It is a picturesque area and the mountains that surround the bay offer some much needed shade during the day
Kris Ohlsson | The Church of Agios Nikolaos

The Church of Agios Nikolaos

This amazing building is set directly into the overhanging cliff within the Kourtaliotiko Gorge in southern Crete, Although not easily accessable it is used daily by greek worshippers and is open to the public to view inside, the rock face has been cut away inside to allow for more space.
Kris Ohlsson | The Watercolour Boat

The Watercolour Boat

A lovely boat sat in the harbour of Agia Galini in Crete. Given a watercolour painting effect
Kris Ohlsson | WhiteArchway


An Archway located at a Greek chapel, hidden away in the mountains
Kris Ohlsson | Agia Galini tavernas at night

Agia Galini tavernas at night

The row of tavernas along the harbour front of Agia Galini in Southern Crete are always alive with the sounds of family's enjoying a meal out or a few drinks, This small village has been used as a fishing port for centuries and has ties to several archeological sites located nearby.
Kris Ohlsson | Agia Galini harbour at night

Agia Galini harbour at night

Looking back across the harbour at the little villiage of Agia Galini in Southern Crete, This small villiage has been used as a fishing port for centuries and has ties to several archeological sites located nearby.
Kris Ohlsson | Down to the Lake

Down to the Lake

The pathway leading around Zaros Lake in Crete makes for a peaceful walk with the exception of a vast number of wasp nests just above where this photo was taken. The lake itself is a picturesque and isolated body of water in an otherwise quite dry landscape
Kris Ohlsson | Looking Down to Zaros and Beyond

Looking Down to Zaros and Beyond

Taken from high up the mountain at the exit of the Rouvas Gorge in Crete this photo shows Zaros Lake and then looks out across the expanse of olive groves down the Southern Coast. Zaros Lake is famous in crete as the source of one of the most widely used bottles waters on the island and throughout Greece
Kris Ohlsson | One Tough Son of a..

One Tough Son of a..

Olive Tree's are in huge abundance in Crete, This is partly down to olives being the biggest export for the country but also as a result of them being unbelievably hardy trees. They crop up in the most unusual spots and manage to root themselves sufficiently to endure the blistering heat. This particular tree was found roughly 80 meters up a cliff growing sideways out from the rock face
Kris Ohlsson | The Dead Agave 2

The Dead Agave 2

This is the dead flower bloom of an Agave plant, closely related to Aloe Vera the plants have similar appearances although Agaves are monocarpic meaning that they die after flowering once. This can take up to 30-40 years to happen. This photo was taken in the Rouvas Gorge, Southern Crete
Kris Ohlsson | Clouds over the mountains

Clouds over the mountains

This was taken looking out across the mountains from Agia Galini in Southern Crete with a black and white filter applied.
Kris Ohlsson | Light in the Ocean

Light in the Ocean

This photo of the ocean in Crete was taken during a thunderstorm and as the clouds broke apart the sun lit up a stunning array of blues, the photo has been given a very light painted effect to soften the waves
Kris Ohlsson | Cretan Instruments

Cretan Instruments

A lovely array of handmade Cretan instruments including Lyra, Violin and Laouto (Cretan Lute) found in a back alley outside the craftsmans house in Rethymnon, Western Crete.
Kris Ohlsson | Fishermans Pride and Joy

Fishermans Pride and Joy

A colourful fishing boat owned by a local fisherman in Agia Galini, Crete. It gets a fresh coat of paint every year to ensure its the brightest boat in the harbour, Given a painted effect
Kris Ohlsson | Sculptures and Stormclouds

Sculptures and Stormclouds

Around Rethymnon Harbour there are many art installations including this one that looks quite imposing with the storm clouds coming in overhead
Kris Ohlsson | Move Over... Im Driving

Move Over... Im Driving

A cat making full use of the comfiest spot on the farm.
Kris Ohlsson | Lights over the bay

Lights over the bay

Snow on the mountains provides the backdrop to water reflecting the taverna lights across the bay at Agia Galini, Crete.
Kris Ohlsson | Under The Tree

Under The Tree

Two men having a conversation while looking out over the coastline of Northern Crete, taken from the island of Spinalonga.
Kris Ohlsson | Spinalonga Shoreline

Spinalonga Shoreline

Looking down from the wall of Spinalonga Island, over the Sea of Crete and along its northern shores. The island itself is steeped in history, from being a valuable Roman trade hub in the north, to a Leper Colony and eventually a renowned tourist attraction and the basis of several novels.
Kris Ohlsson | A Frond in a Big Pond

A Frond in a Big Pond

A Frond (Palm Tree Foliage) washed up on the shore having drifted across the water during a storm
Kris Ohlsson | Monastery of St. Nicholas Zaros

Monastery of St. Nicholas Zaros

Taken from the hills above Zaros Lake in southern Crete, The Monastary is remote but very well maintained and is used daily by the locals.
Kris Ohlsson | The Ruins of Spinalonga

The Ruins of Spinalonga

The structures seen here on Spinalonga Island were built by the lepers that were sent here between 1903-1957, the island had been used previously in venetian times and was a busy trade hub and eventually occupied by the Ottomans. When the lepers were sent to the island they were forced to build thier own dwellings and for many years to fend for themselves. Today the island can be explored by tourists and holds a truly amazing story
Kris Ohlsson | Cold Harbour

Cold Harbour

A Watercolour painting effect applied to a monochrome image of Agia Galini harbour.
Kris Ohlsson | Rethymnon From Above

Rethymnon From Above

Looking down on the ancient city of Rethymnon. A unique view of this historical location allows you to see some of the older landmarks that have survived the surge of new buildings being built to meet modern day demands
Kris Ohlsson | Spinalonga Island

Spinalonga Island

A shot of the island of Spinalonga taken from a boat, well known as a leper colony between 1903-1957 but has also been a hub for trade and used as a stronghold by both the roman empire and the ottomans
Kris Ohlsson | Stone Waves

Stone Waves

The long abandoned buildings photographed here on Spinalonga Island were built by the lepers that were sent here between 1903-1957, the angle of the photo makes the rooftops appear like waves rolling over.
Kris Ohlsson | The Flower Bicycle

The Flower Bicycle

This lovely bicycle is a permanent fixture against the railing opposite a popular taverna in Agios Nikolaus. The floral pattern is fading but its charm appears to be enhanced day by day
Kris Ohlsson | The Horn of Amalthea

The Horn of Amalthea

In Greek Mythology, Amalthea was the nurse of Zeus while he was a child and away from his father, one day while playing with the young Zeus he broke off her horn, as a means of apology he made the horn always full of whatever she desired, it became known as the Horn of Amalthea or The Cornucopia, a symbol of abundance. The sculpture can be found at Agios Nikolaus on the east coast of Crete.
Kris Ohlsson | Matala Cliffs

Matala Cliffs

The cliffs at Matala in Southern Crete sloping into the sea, the rock face here is renowned for the holes that have been bore out by hand and used as dwellings in times gone and in more recent years had been used by people following the 'Hippie Movement'
Kris Ohlsson | Olives and Barley

Olives and Barley

A field of Barley growing in Crete, as always there are Olive Trees dotting the scene and offering some shade to the surounding plants
Kris Ohlsson | Moon Light

Moon Light

The moon shining over the bay from Matala to The small fishing town of Agia Galini, Southern Crete
Kris Ohlsson | Agia Nikolaos

Agia Nikolaos

Looking down onto Agia Nikolaos from a taverna set up on the cliffs that surround the town. It is a superb place to visit and has much to offer tourists and locals alike
Kris Ohlsson | Paximadia Islets

Paximadia Islets

Paximadia Islets when viewed from mainland crete at sunset, It looks like one land mass although they are actually two small islets simply referred to as Big and Small. The waters around them frequently bear home to sea turtles and the name Paximadia is derived from the small rusk (dry bread) eaten in Greece.
Kris Ohlsson | Ocean BLue

Ocean BLue

The lonely boat, cast adrift on a seemingly endless ocean, given a light watercolour effect
Kris Ohlsson | Para Soul

Para Soul

A Simple image of a Bamboo Parasol on the beach in greece, this image naturally brings about summer vibes and is perfect for keeping a room looking bright even on the darkest days
Kris Ohlsson | A Warm Sunset in Crete

A Warm Sunset in Crete

The last glows of the day lay out over the surrounding mountains as Southern Crete settles into another peaceful night.
Kris Ohlsson | The Fisherman's Night Off

The Fisherman's Night Off

A fishing boat resting at Agia Galini harbour in Crete awaiting a fresh coat of paint, the owner was sat in a Taverna watching the sun setting behind his boat, enjoying his night off with a few drinks.
Kris Ohlsson | Agia Galini & Kokkinos Pyrgos

Agia Galini & Kokkinos Pyrgos

Looking down at Agia Galini and Kokkinos Pyrgos from the mountains behind as the sun sets and the moon rises, a really peaceful place to watch the world go by
Kris Ohlsson | Across The Bay

Across The Bay

A view of Agia Galini's harbour, a small village in southern Crete that has become a very popular tourist destination but retains all the charm of a traditional Cretan community. Taken in the late morning the photo is from the far side of the harbour looking back at the bars and restaurants lining the waters edge.
Kris Ohlsson | Phaestos Gypsum Steps

Phaestos Gypsum Steps

Phaestos was a Minoan Palace and was the second most important Minoan City after Knossos. The ruins that can be seen today are from the palace built in 1700BC, the original structures dated back much earlier but were destroyed. The Steps here are produced using a material called Gypsum which today is a common mineral found in Chalk and Drywall but was used as a luxurious building material by the Minoans.
Kris Ohlsson | The Lion Head Fountains at Spili in Crete

The Lion Head Fountains at Spili in Crete

A Photo capturing several of the lion head fountains at the small town of Spili, these fountains run water into the village from a fresh mountain spring located nearby. The locals rely on this source and it is believed that the water has healing qualities with many visitors looking for relief from various ailments.
Kris Ohlsson | Into The Mist

Into The Mist

A view from Big Triopetra a beach located just west of the small village of Akoumia, The sea mist was rolling in and slowly obscuring the mountains in the distance, it had the appearance of them dissipating into thin air
Kris Ohlsson | Rethymnon Harbour Mono HDR

Rethymnon Harbour Mono HDR

A moody look at the harbourside tavernas and fishing boats lining the Rethymnon waterfront. Given a monochrome finish to enhance the clouds and sunrays