Pete Hemington | Cosmos flwoer

Cosmos flwoer

A single flower from a Cosmos plant taken in sunshine in the garden, complete with a little fly paying a visit. Rendered in symmetrical square format.
Pete Hemington | Poppy drops

Poppy drops

An emerging poppy bud taken in the garden after a rain shower and with the sun out. The bokeh background is partly grass and partly another poppy bloom. This macro image was taken at the start of May in Devon
Pete Hemington | Apple blossom

Apple blossom

Blossom and buds on an apple tree taken outdoors one spring in a Devon garden. Delicate pinks against the fresh green leaves and a natural background
Pete Hemington | Bromeliad


An exotic flower called a Bromeliad with pink leaves and a delicate flower with curling petals
Pete Hemington | Poppy seed head

Poppy seed head

A poppy seed head in close up, with the yellow background from a yellow flower of the same plant
Pete Hemington | Meconopsis


A blue poppy, called a Meconopsis in flower. The beautiful colour of these make them a delight in the garden
Pete Hemington | Cranes Bill

Cranes Bill

A geranium flower known as Cranes Bill. This macro shot shows the delicate tracery in the petals
Pete Hemington | Cranes Bill

Cranes Bill

A geranium flower known as Cranes Bill with a flower and a seed head
Pete Hemington | Hawthorn flowers

Hawthorn flowers

A cluster of flowers from a Hawthorn tree in spring time. This is special variety with pinky red flowers.
Pete Hemington | Poppy bud

Poppy bud

A poppy bud on a curling hairy stem back lit to show the detail in contrast