Mike Carroll | St Mary's Lighthouse

St Mary's Lighthouse

The lighthouse on St Mary's Island in Whitley Bay, Northumbria. The island is reached by a causeway that is flooded at high tide Not suitable for canvas
Mike Carroll | South Foreland Lighthouse

South Foreland Lighthouse

South Foreland Lighthouse is situated in St Margaret's Bay, close to the port of Dover
Mike Carroll | Stormy Southwold

Stormy Southwold

Southwold in Suffolk on a stormy autumn day
Mike Carroll | Start Point Lighthouse

Start Point Lighthouse

Start Point Lighthouse overlooks the English Channel near Kingsbridge in Devon
Mike Carroll | Mevagissey Harbour and Lighthouse

Mevagissey Harbour and Lighthouse

The lighthouse guards the entrance to the harbour in the Cornish village of Megavissey
Mike Carroll | Portland Bill Lighthouse

Portland Bill Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Portland Bill is situated at the southern tip of the promontory on a rocky piece of coastline
Mike Carroll | Hurst Point Lighthouse

Hurst Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Hurst Point, next to the castle, in Hampshire
Mike Carroll | Dovercourt Lighthouse

Dovercourt Lighthouse

Long exposure image of one of the iconic lighthouses at Dovercourt, Essex
Mike Carroll | Dovercourt Lighthouse - soft focus

Dovercourt Lighthouse - soft focus

An image of one of the iconic Dovercourt Lighthouses, shot in soft focus
Mike Carroll | Inside Dungeness Old Lighthouse

Inside Dungeness Old Lighthouse

The staircase up the inside of the Old Lighthouse in Dungeness, Kent
Mike Carroll | Dovercourt Low Lighthouse

Dovercourt Low Lighthouse

The old Low Lighthouse in Dovercourt, Essex, now houses a maritime museum
Mike Carroll | Caldey Island Lighthouse

Caldey Island Lighthouse

Lighthouse on Caldey Island off the Welsh coast near Tenby
Mike Carroll | Dungeness


The Old Lighthouse at Dungeness stands proudly in front of the Nuclear Power Station at the end of a vast shingle beach
Mike Carroll | Longship's Lighthouse in Winter

Longship's Lighthouse in Winter

The Longship's Lighthouse, pictured here on a stormy February day, is situated off lands End in Cornwall
Mike Carroll | Lighthouse Mechanism

Lighthouse Mechanism

The mechanism that drives the light in the "Old" lighthouse at Dungeness in Kent
Mike Carroll | The New Lighthouse - Dungeness

The New Lighthouse - Dungeness

The "New" Lighthouse in Dungeness, photographed from the top of the "Old" Lighthouse
Mike Carroll | The Light - Dungeness Old Lighthouse

The Light - Dungeness Old Lighthouse

Close up of the Light in the Dungeness Old Lighthouse in Kent
Mike Carroll | Lighthouse Lens

Lighthouse Lens

Close-up of the lenses of the Old Lighthouse at Dungeness in Kent
Mike Carroll | Dovercourt Lighthouses

Dovercourt Lighthouses

The iconic lighthouses at Dovercourt in Essex